Help to save Western Civilisation

Thousands of people all across the Western world have already decided to learn how to wake up their Politically Correct neighbours to the dangers of Islam.


During the last couple of years, many people have woken up to the threat that Islam represents to Western Civilisation. However, too many people are still unaware, because they are unconscious followers of the religion of Political Correctness. As individuals who are awake and aware, we are often confronted with the harsh reality that we are only a small group. There still is a lot of work to do!

Even though the threat that Islam represents is blatantly obvious once you learn how to think clearly, members of the religion of Political Correctness are unable to process the necessary information in order to be able to realise this truth. Many of them are even convinced that those who worry about Islamisation, are just "racists" and "bigots".

Political Correctness prevents its followers to mentally process certain hard facts.

Western Civilisation is under threat. We are currently fighting two battles at the same time. We are not only under attack by Islam, but we are also fighting against the religion of Political Correctness. This works as follows: Islam is a deadly threat and Political Correctness is the paralytic that prevents us from responding adequately to this threat.

Members of the religion of Political Correctness view the world in a certain way. Their worldview is based on dogma rather than rational arguments. For them, finally realising that Islam represents the biggest threat to Western Civilisation of the 21st century, would require them to completely change their worldview. This is often a difficult process.

Therefore, we have to be able to effectively wake up these people. The book How to Debate the Left on Islam, provides all the information one needs in order to successfully wake up any Politically Correct individual. The survival of Western Civilisation depends upon it.

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