5 Reasons why Frans Timmermans of the EU is a Dangerous Lunatic


5 Reasons why Frans Timmermans of the EU is a Dangerous Lunatic

In the following YouTube video, Frans Timmermans talks about “diversity” in Europe.

1. Frans Timmermans wants to make Europe “diverse”, while Europe actually already is diverse.

Europe consists of countries among which Spain, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Sweden, Slovenia, etc. These countries all have different histories, languages and traditions. Therefore, Europe already is a very diverse continent. So, what is he even talking about?

Sadly, what mister Timmermans means by “diversity” actually means something different. He is talking about non-European, non-Western peoples and cultures. More specifically, he is NOT talking about Japanese culture or Latin culture. That would have been fun! Sadly, he is simply talking about Islam and Islamisation.

2. Frans Timmermans believes that actively turning every mono-cultural society into a multi-cultural society has something to do with globalisation, while it actually doesn’t.

He is convinced that “diversity” needs to be implemented in societies that are currently mono-cultural. He doesn’t realize that globalisation and the cultural composition of individual countries have nothing to do with one another. Japan and South Korea are internationally oriented and strong economical players. Yet, they are highly mono-cultural societies. The same goes for China, which is an incredibly large economy and an increasingly important player in the world. China is also a very mono-cultural society.

3. Frans Timmermans is Orwellian.

“Those politicians trying to sell to their electorates, a society that’s only composed of people from one culture”, he said, “are trying to sell a future based on a past that never existed”. The first thing that came to my mind was the following quote by George Orwell.

4. Frans Timmermans believes that allowing “diversity” has something to do with defending the values that we have as a society, while it is actually the opposite.

Frans Timmermans believes that we should allow more “diversity” (read: Islam), because if we don’t, we would throw away our values. In fact, the opposite is true. By refusing Islam, we defend our values. Values like safety and equality for women, Jewish people and homosexuals cannot go together with Islam. Even religious freedom doesn’t go together with Islam, because Islam is a totalitarian political ideology in which religious freedom doesn’t. And NO, the ability to live as a dhimmi doesn’t count!

5. Frans Timmermans is so ideologically blinded that he is unable to learn from real-world information.

“Diversity” is proven to be a complete disaster in Western- and Northern Europe:

  • 1400 girls in the UK got sexually abused during a period of five years by a group of Muslim men
  • Several young Swedish women have been raped in front of a camera while the scene was being livestreamed on the internet
  • Two out of Three British Muslims would NOT report a terror plot to the police; 62% of British Muslims do not believe in the protection of the freedom of expression; and 40% of British Muslims want Sharia in the United Kingdom. (ICM, 2016)
  • 77% of Danish Muslims believe that the Quran should be “fully applied” (Jyllands Posten, 2015)
  • 80% of young Turkish Muslims in the Netherlands believe that there is nothing wrong with the Jihad or Holy War against non-believers; and 90% of them agrees that “Dutch Muslims fighting in Syria are heroes” (Motivaction, 2011, 2014)
  • etc....

But still, Frans Timmermans is dedicated to making sure that Eastern European countries will also become “diverse”.


Frans Timmermans a dangerous lunatic who is destroying the people that he is supposed to be representing and protecting

Frans Timmermans is working for the ‘European Union’. Notice how the first word is ‘European’. This first word is not ‘Middle Eastern’, ‘African’ or ‘Islamic’. It is not the ‘Islamic Union’ or the ‘Middle Eastern Union’. It is the ‘European Union’. Therefore, the EU should be working hard to represent the interests of the European population, such as to ensure the safety of the European population.

Frans Timmermans is doing to opposite. He is ACTIVELY bringing the European population in danger, by representing Muslim migrants instead of the European population. Muslim migration is NOT in the interest of ANY European country. It is dangerous and it is destroying the European countries, economically, culturally and mentally. Especially women are often the victim.

Therefore, Frans Timmermans is a dangerous lunatic who is dedicated to destroying our homes. Let’s hope that the EU falls as soon as possible so that lunatics like Frans Timmermans can’t do any more damage to Europe than that they have already done. We want Europe to remain a place of peace, freedom and prosperity, so that our children and grandchildren can live in it too.

Paul Nielsen

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  1. The EU has gotten out of hand. I maintain that we left just in time! Juncker, Timmermans and the rest of them are diabolic people. No jokes…

  2. Sick scumbag! The next major conflict might be related to Islam. I’ve read your book, Paul. It’s in my top 3 now. It’s a true must-read. I’ve recommended it to some of my friends. Thanks

  3. One of the best books on the topic I’ve read so far. Down to earth, common sense, sharp and above all 100% true. Especially the How To… of it. Keep on the great work with your blog and youtube channel. We need people like you!

  4. Hi Paul, I just finished your book. It was a life changer. I was in the middle of the chapter about unpacking Islam when the Manchester attack happened. I believe your book is outstanding and will prove to be an important one.


    • Hi, thanks a lot! Feel free to leave a review on the page where you bought the book! That would be really amazing.

  5. The website won’t let me because I haven’t spend enough yet.. I will do it later! Thanks for the reply, Paul.

  6. We have to leave the EU. It has gone too far. Too far! It is not about the people any longer. It is about lobbies and money.

  7. There are now 7 million new migrants waiting in Libya to come to Europe. The West is surrendering itself to the globalists and the Islamists.

  8. I voted Remain, but I’m glad my side lost now. I swallowed the red pill just a bit too late. It’s hard to grasp how bad the EU is. I am convinced they want to destroy Europe now. Hope your country will also choose to leave, Paul!

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