Who is Paul Nielsen?

My goal is to emancipate those Westerners who want to stop and reverse the Islamisation of the Western world and take back control over the future of their homelands, for their children and their grandchildren. That is my contribution to this civilisation.

I view Political Correctness as a religion. A religion of which the majority of today’s Westerners have become unconscious followers. This is especially the case for the younger generation, whose minds have gotten filled with ‘white guilt’ and pro-multiculturalism attitudes and are no longer able to engage in freethinking and reason. The survival of Western civilisation depends on the degree to which we are able to de-indoctrinate our fellow Westerners out of the religion of Political Correctness, so that we can finally start solving the Islam problem. 

Having lived in four different countries and being familiar with the works of the top intellectuals on the area, such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Robert Spencer and Hamed Abdel-Samad; but also with the works of Islam apologists such as Reza Aslan, Tariq Ramadan and Maajid Nawaz; and the works of lesser well-known intellectuals from Western- and Eastern Europe; I have created the full guide, containing all information you need to effectively and successfully debate the Left on Islam.

I believe that either the survival of Western Civilisation or the prevention of a great civil war depends on the extend to which we are able to open the eyes of those fellow Westerners who are indoctrinated with Political Correctness.

The response to the book has been highly contradictory from the beginning. For some, the book is like a gift from heaven; for others, the book is a reason to be very upset. I have received a lot of hateful messages from members of the religion of Political Correctness as well as Islam. 

The effects of both Political Correctness and Islam are the same in every Western country. The populations of Muslims cause the exact same problems in all Western as well as non-Western countries and the collective psychology, beliefs and behaviours of the members of the religion of Political Correctness are the same everywhere as well. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are in the United Kingdom or in Australia, we are all dealing with the exact same phenomena.

Political Correctness is the same in EVERY country. The underlying principles are the same, the faulty rationalisations are the same, the debate tactics are the same, everything is the same. What's also the same is that they're all WRONG, and that they can be argued out of it.