5 Reasons why Frans Timmermans of the EU is a Dangerous Lunatic

5 Reasons why Frans Timmermans of the EU is a Dangerous Lunatic In the following YouTube video, Frans Timmermans talks about “diversity” in Europe. 1. Frans Timmermans wants to make Europe “diverse”, while Europe actually already is diverse. Europe consists of countries among which Spain, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Sweden, Slovenia, etc. These … Read more

Why Islamic headscarves have no place in the West

Why Islamic Headscarves have no place in the West  In some countries, they are having a debate about whether or not to ban the Burqa. I argue that this discussion should be held about ALL Islamic headscarves, not just the Burqa.A woman wearing an Islamic headscarf is not quite the same as a woman wearing … Read more

Group Dynamics of Political Correctness

Political Correctness is a religion of which many Westerners today are unconscious followers. This is the case in the Anglosphere and in Western- and Northern Europe. The indoctrination process usually starts at a very young age and the religion itself consists of certain principles among which white guilt, moral relativism, cultural relativism, certain virtues such … Read more

The Clash of Cultures: the story about the Westerner and the Muslim

When speaking about Islamisation, many intellectuals and nationalists mention the term ‘Clash of Cultures’. Is this a real phenomenon? And why is this dangerous? The answer can be found by studying the principles that are ingrained into collective psychology, as a result of our cultural heritage, and comparing this with the principles that are ingrained into … Read more

Why the West desperately needs a new Enlightenment

We are now living in the year 2017 and we can conclude that history has repeated itself. Don’t worry; this isn’t another poor attempt to compare the return of European patriotism to the Second Wold War. History has repeated itself, because the Europeans are, again, indoctrinated and unable to engage in freethinking. Does this mean … Read more