Comparing Politicians to Adolf Hitler is UNACCEPTABLE

Demonising patriotism is a form of cultural self-hatred. In addition, it can lead to accidents such as the murder of Pim Fortuyn in The Netherlands, back in 2002.

Political Correctness is an IMMUNE DISEASE

Politically correct people measure so-called minorities with a lower standard. This leads them to fail to recognise the suffering of the minorities WITHIN these minorities, such as women and gays, as well as ignore dangerous sentiments and beliefs that some minorities tend to hold.

This is dangerous because it prevents the repelling of certain hostile ideologies from our societies and instead allows these hostile ideologies to nest within our societies. Therefore, political correctness is an IMMUNE DISEASE.

Shocking Statistics on Muslims in Europe

This is a study conducted by the Berlin Social Science Centre in 2008. The results indicated that Europe already had a huge problem in 2008. This was 7 years before the migrant crisis.

Source of Study: