Comparing Politicians to Adolf Hitler is UNACCEPTABLE


Demonising patriotism is a form of cultural self-hatred. In addition, it can lead to accidents such as the murder of Pim Fortuyn in The Netherlands, back in 2002.


5 thoughts on “Comparing Politicians to Adolf Hitler is UNACCEPTABLE”

  1. The nazi’s believed to be superior to other races. The current Germany believes to be inferior and embraces its own ethnic demise like a moth embraces a flame. The spot where they should be is somewhere in between and the Alterative for Deutschland party lies in in middle between the two extremes. Sadly, the Germans can’t see it.

  2. It is very annoying how many people in Germany don’t have any knowledge about the AfD act as if she would be next dictator. They act as if she is going to take over the world and kill everyone if she gets elected. There is also a lot misinformation spread by the German establishment and the media.

  3. Paul, what do you think about the treatment of Thierry Baudet. (Sorry if this question is a little irrelevent for non-Dutch speaking people). I think you know about him, right?

    • Hi Josefina,

      I saw in the other comment that you read the book. I hope you liked it.

      Regarding Thierry Baudet,
      what I think about it probably isn’t surprising given that you read chapter 1 of the book… 🙂 I think it is a classic example of the media trying to demonise a person who is outside of the the religion of Political Correctness. They use all the tactics:
      – misrepresenting the opponents viewpoint by taking quotes out of context
      – labelling the opponent, using the typical labelwords (“racist”, “sexist”, etc)
      – at first, they tried to shut him down by not allowing him to join the debates and whenever they had him in talkshows, they made sure that he would be sitting at a table debating four noisy politically correct opponents of which at least two were people’s favourites

      It’s a typical example of demonisation.

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