Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What’s new in the Second Edition?

A. The Second Edition has been professionally proofread and edited and contains four bonus chapters and six so-called Debate Chapters (one per main chapter). These Debate Chapters contain actual real examples of debates and conversations that you can have with Politically Correct individuals and show you exactly what to say and how to respond to their excuses and apologia.

Q. I don’t understand how the book sells so well in so many countries, because I see quite some bad reviews.

A. Regarding the few bad reviews that it has, there are two types of bad reviews.
The first type are a response to the grammatical errors that the first Edition of the book had. These complaints were legitimate complaints and have been addressed and resolved with the release of the Second Edition of the book, which has been fully proofread and edited by a professional native speaking editor from the United Kingdom.
The second type of bad reviews are frequently coming from people who simply don’t like the title of the book and the topic. A book called How to Debate the Left on Islam can be very triggering to people who identify with “the Left” themselves. Some of these people are willing to spend some money to purchase the book, just to be able to leave a review on the Amazon page. What you can always see very clearly in these cases is that they haven’t actually read the book and are not willing to actually read the book with an open mind.

Q. Is the book for politicians or professional debaters? What if I’m not active in any of these things?

A. The book is not specifically written for people who are active in politics or professional debaters, but there are professional (local) politicians who have a purchased the book.
The book is written for any individuals who want to open the eyes of the people in their environment. Most people who realise that the situation in the Western world is going in the wrong direction often feel as if they are talking to a wall whenever they try to discuss these issues with the people in their environment. This is because most people are to some degree indoctrinated with Political Correctness. This book contains everything that one needs in order to successfully wake up these Politically Correct individuals.
Of course, in order to do this, all the facts about Islam, Islamic history, Western civilisation, European history and other topics related to this debate are included and thoroughly explained in the book. Therefore, the book has already been purchased by some (local) politicians and young right-wing debaters in Europe.

Q. Is the information in the book factually correct or does it contain a bunch of debate tricks to somehow deal with facts in a dishonest manner?

A. The information in the book is factually correct. The ‘far-right’ side of the political spectrum that is highly critical towards Islam is on the right side of history and thus also has its facts straight. The rest of the political spectrum doesn’t. This can be seen in several different ways.
Firstly, the facts support it. There are over a dozen studies conducted related to the Islam problem. These studies repeatedly show that the ‘far-right’ side of the political spectrum is right about Islam. In addition, an honest reading of the Islamic literature quickly leads to the conclusion that the concerns of the ‘far-right’ are legitimate and that any other interpretation of this reality is false.
Secondly, the Western thinkers of our time are located on the ‘far-right’ side of the political spectrum. Very typical of the European Enlightenment has been its intellectual heroes. Nowadays, Europe still has Western intellectuals. These intellectuals speak out against the exact same two phenomena that this book also speaks out against: Islam and Political Correctness. A few interviews with English subtitles with such European intellectuals can be found here
The Enlightenment is now on the ‘far-right’ side of the political spectrum.
The dishonest types of conversational tricks are used by the other side of the debate. This book will explain what these tricks are and how to deal with them.

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