Group Dynamics of Political Correctness

Group Dynamics of Political Correctness


Political Correctness is a religion of which many Westerners today are unconscious followers. This is the case in the Anglosphere and in Western- and Northern Europe. The indoctrination process usually starts at a very young age and the religion itself consists of certain principles among which white guilt, moral relativism, cultural relativism, certain virtues such as tolerance, etc. Because these principles are unconscious, members of the religion of Political Correctness are not always aware that their entire worldview is based on these unconscious principles.

Members of the religion of political correctness never engage in a rational discussion with people outside of the religion. This video explains how this works.



13 thoughts on “Group Dynamics of Political Correctness”

  1. You pointed out what has been bothering me in the UK for years now. Political correctness is absolutely a religion. It makes sense if you think about it.

  2. I recently discovered your work. Is the book also available in book form? I’d like to read it, but I prefer a real book.

  3. Your work is truly great. I just finished your book. It’s sharp as a razor! I’ll make sure to leave you a great review on the Amazon page. Your work is going to be important the coming decades. Respect!!

  4. Finished your book.. I couldn’t put it down.. You made a splendid contribution to the debate. I will use your book as a guide in my conversations about Islam.

  5. In Canada we have the king of the PC brigade. Meet mister Trudeau! I will buy your book so that I know what to say to this castrati chief when I see him! Great work mister Nielsen. Discovered you on YouTube. Solid as a rock!

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