The Clash of Cultures: the story about the Westerner and the Muslim

The Clash of Cultures: the story about the Westerner and the Muslim


When speaking about Islamisation, many intellectuals and nationalists mention the term ‘Clash of Cultures’. Is this a real phenomenon? And why is this dangerous? The answer can be found by studying the principles that are ingrained into collective psychology, as a result of our cultural heritage, and comparing this with the principles that are ingrained into the collective psychology of Muslims.

Unconscious principles
Even though Westerners and Muslims are unique as individuals, there are still certain principles that are ingrained into our unconscious minds as a result of our cultural heritage and century’s long history. Westerners, even though we are all different, still see the world though a shared mental framework; and the same is the case for Muslims.

I am going to make a distinction between the Westerner and the Muslim.

Christian Humanism and Critical Theory versus Supremacy and Taqiyya 
The Westerner sees the world through the mental framework provided by his cultural heritage of Christian Humanism, Individualism and some degree of Critical Theory. He strongly believes that every individual is inherently ‘good’, even though the term ‘good’ can also be placed within his mental framework. As a result of his Christian Humanist mental framework, the Westerner feels good about himself, as long as he views the non-Westerner as ‘good’. Political Correctness and the pampering of so-called ‘minorities’ are also based on this principle.

As a result of his unconscious mental framework, the Westerner believes that the Muslim will show gratitude and open up his heart towards him and that he will finally become just like him. “Come to me!”, the Westerner preaches, believing that the Muslim will reply, Thank you, my brother. We are brothers in the Abrahamic religion. Let us clear our past and build this world together! The Westerner’s unconscious mental framework does not allow him to realise that the Muslim is somehow different.

The Muslim views the world through the Islamic mental framework, a framework that predates the Westerner’s mental framework. He makes an unconscious distinction between Muslims and non-Muslims. He also isn’t an individual, but instead a part of a larger collective entity. The Muslim also believes that he is superior and feels a heightened sense of entitlement in comparison to non-Muslims.

Western shame versus Islamic pride
Due to his his mind on critical theory, the Westerner feels ashamed of his past: he feels ashamed of the Crusades; he feels ashamed of Colonialism; and, despite being the first in all of human history to ever abolish slavery, he feels ashamed of slavery.
Due to his mind running on supremacy, the Muslim doesn’t feel ashamed of his past: he doesn’t feel ashamed of the Jihad, the destruction of Persia, the destruction of the Hindus; the way that he has been treating women for more than a millennium; and, despite the Arab Slave Trade having continued for twice as long as the European Slave Trade, he doesn’t feel ashamed of the Arab Slave Trade either.

Western Contribution to Humanity versus Islamic Leeching on Humanity
The Westerner went to look for universal moral truths to increase the quality of life and happiness of everyone. He found humanism, individual rights and freedom of conscience, gave rights to women and abolished slavery. Then, the Westerner gave modern medicine, modern technology, and secularism to the world. Yet, he feels ashamed.

The Muslim went to look to subjugate the rest of the world to the will of ‘Allah’. He found the intellectual heritage of the Persians, the Greeks and the Hindus, he leeched on it and sucked the value out of it, yet he didn’t learn anything. Then, he took the credit for the accomplishments of the Persians, the Greeks and the Hindus and he still feels proud of it today.

When the Japanese, the Uruguayan and the Chilean learn from the Westerner and takes his values and principles, they are better off as a result of it, yet the Westerner feels ashamed.
When the Indonesian learns from the Muslim and takes his values and principles, he is worse off as a result of it, yet the Muslim feels superior.

The Westerner makes a distinction between religion and politics and assumes that Islam can be separated between religious Islam and Political Islam.
For the Muslim, religion and politics are the same.

Tolerance versus Intolerance
The Westerner is tolerant and makes a distinction between the individual and the group.
The Muslim is intolerant and sees an individual as a minor part of the larger group this individual belongs to.

Speaking the Truth versus Lying
The Westerner speaks the truth and assumes that the other also speaks the truth.
The Muslim deceives the non-Muslim, because the unbeliever doesn’t need to know everything.

The European Enlightenment versus Islamic Uprisings
When the Westerner is oppressed and contained: the amount of suffering is relatively high. When he is set free, the amount of suffering decreases, prosperity and scientific advance flourish and everyone’s quality of life of everyone increases. When the influence of the Roman Catholic Church on the mind of the Westerner decreased, the net result was positive.
When the Muslim is oppressed and contained: the amount of suffering is relatively low. When he is set free, everyone’s amount of suffering increases and the quality of life for women, homosexuals and non-Muslims decreases. When the influence of dictators such as Gaddafi and Hussein decreased, the net result was negative.

The Clash of Cultures
The Muslim slowly opens his eyes and regains his senses as he recovers from the latest atrocity that was produced by his own dysfunctional ideology. “Come to me!”, he then suddenly hears the unbeliever preach while standing there in the distance, smiling from ear to ear, and with his arms wide open, “Come to me my brother. Let us build this world together!”. He slowly walks towards the unbeliever and takes his hand. “By the way, my brother”, he then hears him say, “Please ignore those verses of your holy book that recommend violence! The world will be a better place, trust me!”, he hears him laugh, as he offers him the benefits of his welfare state. “But these verses are simply misinterpreted!”, the Muslim replies, as he deceives the unbeliever, “Please understand that in Arabic, all the words have 10 different meanings. You wouldn’t be able to understand them if you weren’t a Muslim. Please don’t think badly of my religion. It would really hurt my feelings!” From the corners of his eyes, he observes the unbeliever’s response. Finally, he then thinks to himself, the Kafir has become weak.


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  1. Regarding taqiyya, you think that a Muslim telling lies about his books is something he does unconscious? Don’t you think that’s a bit farfetched? The ones that do that don’t do that by accident, I’d say..


    • Hi Justin,

      Yes, I am convinced they can do it exactly like that. Either conscious or unconscious. Unconscious in the same way that we act on humanism unconsciously. When a situation presents itself, we don’t think ‘Ah… let’s respond to this situation from a humanist perspective!’, we just do it without thinking, just like we treat women as equals without consciously thinking about it. For Muslims this mechanism is the same, but then they have different unconscious principles than we do.


      • Funny how that works. What you are saying really makes sense, I just realised. They always say the same things, no it doesn’t really say that in Arabic it is different.

      • Hi and thanks for answering. It is hard to grasp but it makes sense actually. I do know quite some Muslims and they make the claims you say they do indeed.

  2. Nice summary of the problem. That also explains why Europeans migrants never caused problems like the Muslim migrants did. They simply have a different mentality, which is the mere result of their heritage and culture.

  3. Great article! Summarizes the story of the 21st century and explains why the integration of Muslims will NEVER work! I went to Paris two weeks ago. We went to the wrong neihbourhood. It was like an African country. What a mess have the French created! It is insane. Truly a shame.

  4. The Westerner abolished slavery and feels ashamed and the Muslim hasn’t and still feels proud. This is huge.

  5. Great articles! I’ve just discovered your website through one of your translations on youtube. I’ve bookmarked your site. Looks great!

  6. I was nodding all the time while reading this. I wish more people were awake to the failure of the multicultural society. What needs to happen before people realize it.

  7. Halfway through your book now! Mindblowing! I love how you break down stuff and expose the political correctness for the lunacy that it is

  8. Muslim problems are the same everywhere! They are not happy in any place. Where Muslims are, there will be problems. This will not change. The only way out is radical political change.

  9. Hi again! Are you excluded from Facebook?
    Interesting article. I read it through Ken Wilbers theory about consciusness evolution. People devoted to Islam and fundamental christendom may be stuck in magical-mythical understanding of existance, while much of western People see the world from modern/Scientific/rational or post modern point of view. It is difficult for People on the lower Levels of conscousness to understand the higher Levels. Our big Challenge is to build bridges between this gap of Insight and understanding, especially when the post modernists do not know about these stages and their characteristics.

  10. Paul, just bought your book, will read it. I remember reading an article about Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” in the early 1990’s, he talks about Islam & the West… your analysis about collective psychology is spot on… I live in the US and observed very similar traits among immigrants from India, they have no problem deceiving us Westerners, they feel that the West (and the White race in particular) owes them something because India was colonized by Britain. The stick together & help each other, marry within their own group (marriage with outsiders is very much frowned upon) & go into business together. They have no problem lying & using dirty tricks to get ahead, it’s like they have their own set of ethics, “love my own kind, take advantage of everyone else.” My mom worked with them for many years and I also worked for an Indian-owned company so I am simply speaking from experience. I presume Muslims, in general, are the same way… I know several Muslim women and they are all treated like shit, like slaves by their Muslim husbands. One woman told me her husband prohibits her from going to college & going outside without his permission, she is covered by the full burqa (this is in the US, mind you). It appears their religion/culture is very much backwards.

    • Hi,

      Thanks for you post! Let me know what you think of the book after you finished it 🙂

      Interesting story…
      Myself I am also pretty familiar with India and Indian culture (I actually lived in India for some time). I think that regarding India it is a little different than regarding Muslims and Islam. In India, they are also highly deceptive towards each other, not just towards non-Indians or non-Hindus. I haven’t written a book about them or spend years to learn about them, but I think it roughly has to do with the fact that they lack the Humanism ingredient and the Christian foundation (“Don’t lie”) plus the fact that the cast-system is very much alive in India. They come from a world of overpopulation like you can’t imagine where people can be seen dying on the streets because they have no food. I think this creates a culture of survival. India is a dog-eats-dog world. I also noticed this professionally. Everyone is desperate to scam each other and some Indian CEO’s and managers were some of the most skilled deceivers and manipulators I ever met in my entire life. Apparently, one needs to be a highly skilled deceiver in order to be able to get to the top of an environment like that. Even the Indians from the highest cast (Brahman) have a this strong mentality of scarcity. I’ve literally witnessed Indian million dollar company owners scamming poor young people for amounts of money as low as 5 dollars.

      On the other hand, I think that India is changing pretty rapidly and unlike Muslim countries, they won’t suddenly want to go back to the way things were a few centuries ago. When the cast-system will have been completely removed (in 50 years maybe?), they won’t want to resurrect it in 100 years.

      I think India is a very interesting case. I wonder how things were before Tamerlane arrived. They had some of the most advanced universities in the entire world back then.


  11. In the educational system, people are indoctrinated by postmodern ideas such as cultural relativism. But what are the benefits of these ideas? Is there, for example, an economic benefit, a social benefit, a cultural benefit? What is the point of allowing thousands of people without education into the EU just because they belong to the oppressed group? Economically, there is no point because the majority of these poorly educated ‘refugees’ remain without jobs for the rest of their lives. Socially,I can only see a polarisation between majority and minority groups of non-western origine. Politically, I can only see the rise of ‘populism’ and Islamic parties. Culturally, maybe a more diverse choice of food is beneficial. But in general: what is the point?

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