The Dutch Education System: An Indoctrination Mechanism

The Dutch Education System: An Indoctrination Mechanism


The Dutch Education System: An Indoctrination Mechanism

If it comes to political correctness and the decline of Western civilisation, the Netherlands is an interesting case study. In this article, I am going to outline how the education system in the Netherlands has become an indoctrination system for young children and how this has led to many of the phenomenon we can see in the country today.

This article will deal with four issues:
1. The effect of childhood indoctrination
2. How young Dutch children are indoctrinated at school
3. The comeback of Marxism
4. How indoctrinated Dutch adolescents behave politically.

1. The effects of childhood indoctrination

Because young children generally lack scepticism, their minds are like an open system that can be programmed in any way. Therefore, if a young child grows up in Saudi Arabia, he or she is likely to become an extremely conservative Muslim. If a young child grows up in a rural Indian family, he or she is likely to get raised on the idea of a cast-system and at a later age will be unable to think and live outside of his or her cast. Also, it is not a surprise that the children who grew up in the Hitler Jugend, were unable to let go of the Nazi ideology for the rest of their lives. This is how the brain works. Anything you put in it at a very young age will become ingrained into the unconscious mind of the fully grown up adult.

Most people will view the world through the very same mental framework that they were taught during childhood. People, who are capable of stepping out of it, are rare. Think about this very rare Muslims apostate who left Islam after having grown up in a very religious Muslim family. This doesn’t happen a lot. By far most people will stay indoctrinated for the rest of their lives.

2. How young Dutch children are indoctrinated at school

Starting from a very young age, Dutch children are getting indoctrinated with the ideology of political correctness. Political correctness consists of the following principles:

a. White guilt and cultural self-hatred.
Everything about Western history is “very bad” and, us, white people should feel a collective sense of guilt for what “we” have done to other parts of the world. The fact that “we” also invented the scientific method, modern medicine and modern technology, established individual human rights and were the first civilisation to ever abolish slavery, is ignored.

b. Cultural relativism.
Every culture is equal and truth itself is simply the result of the cultural background that somebody belongs to. This is rooted in postmodernism. Young children learn that a culture that oppresses women and strongly rejects or even kills homosexuals, apostates, Jews and many other groups is just as morally sound as a culture that produced individual human rights and gave women the vote.

c. Tolerance as the highest virtue.
In many religions and other ideologies, certain character traits are viewed as virtuous while others are seen as reprehensible. The youngest generation of Dutch children is raised on the idea that tolerance is the highest virtue.

Let’s provide two examples of what Dutch children are taught about history.
a. The world was peaceful until the “evil white Europeans” arrived. In South America, native tribes were living peacefully until the Europeans came to exploit and enslave them. The fact that the Native American tribes were at constant war with each other and enslaved people from other tribes, is ignored.
b. The lesson of the 20th century was that the right-wing is very dangerous, because of Nazi Germany. The fact that the 20th century was also a lesson about the left-wing and that these lessons are actually much more complex than those about right-wing fascism is ignored. Dutch children learn next to nothing about Marxism and Communism, while they learn everything about Nazi Germany and are often actively motivated to directly compare current right-wing politicians like Geert Wilders (Party for Freedom) and Thierry Baudet (Forum for Democracy) to Adolf Hitler.

As a result of their indoctrination, most young people in the Netherlands believe that the left-wing is good and the right-wing is bad. To them, it is good versus bad. Simple.

This leads to young people having a worldview that is not constructed based on a rational assessment of historical facts and current circumstances. Instead, it is based on dogma. This is problematic because most of them already get deprived of their capability to think rationally about political topics at a very young age. It is often very difficult to undo this damage. Only those who are most courageous and bright are able to detach themselves from their dogmatic and incorrect worldview.

It can also be seen very clearly that these young Dutch individuals often do not know how their own worldview is constructed and what principles it consists of. An example of such a principle is cultural relativism. If you were to ask one of them: “Hey, what do you think about cultural relativism?”, he or she wouldn’t know what you’re talking about, even though the principle of cultural relativism is one of the building blocks of his or her entire worldview. This makes it even more difficult for such a person to engage in introspection and to finally ‘wake up’. He, who doesn’t know how his own worldview is constructed, cannot change it.

If young adults decide to go to university, there are a few options on how they will develop further. This depends on what they decide to study. If they choose to go in the direction of the social sciences, they are highly likely to end up getting indoctrinated even more. The vast majority of the universities in the Netherlands are filled with leftist professors.

Lecturers are often indoctrinated with political correctness themselves and pass this doctrine on to their students. Dutch universities have become politically correct indoctrination camps.

3. The comeback of Marxism

As already mentioned, the lessons of the 20th century related to Marxism are not taught at elementary school. Therefore, the Marxist ideology seems attractive to those young people who are already indoctrinated with political correctness. A person who fails to learn from the past is destined to repeat the same mistake.

How does this work?
Classical Marxism made a distinction between the workers (the proletariat) and the owners (the bourgeoisie) and claimed that the owners were oppressing the workers. So, there was an oppressed group and a oppressing group; an oppressor and an oppressed. The solution to this situation was to dramatically change the entire society just to create equality of outcome between these groups.

Even though the original two groups were the workers and the owners, you can basically also apply this same process to other groups, such as based on ethnicity, sex, level of income, etc.

For example: there are more men working as CEOs than women. So, there is a difference in outcome between these two groups and this difference is then interpreted as being an oppressor versus oppressed situation. So, why are there more men working as CEOs than women? It must be because the men are oppressing the women! Men are the oppressors and women are the oppressed.
In reality, this is a very complex situation, involving, among other things, natural differences between men and women. Perhaps, women are generally interested in other things or perhaps women make other choices in life that prevent them from becoming CEOs. In any case, this is by no means a situation that can be simplified by turning it into an oppressor versus oppressed situation. That is way too simple!

But many of the young Dutch individuals have learned to view the most complex problems, being viewed as oppressor/oppressed situations. If all one knows and understands is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. Even very complex problems, look like a simple nail that just needs some hammering.
Why are there more native Dutch accountants than Antillean accountants in Amsterdam? Oppression!
Why do European Americans make more money than African Americans? Oppression!

Why is this dangerous?
In the 20th century, we’ve already seen what things like class guilt as a mere result of being part of a so-called oppressive group can lead to. We have seen what an endless strive for equality of outcome can lead to. The truth is that the equality of outcome will never be reached. It is a bottomless pit. Literally all cases where Marxism was implemented, led to a disaster of human suffering.

4. How indoctrinated Dutch adolescents behave politically.

Childhood indoctrination in the Netherlands has created a generation of idiots who are unable to think. These young adults are perfect candidates for leftist protest groups. It is not a coincidence that leftist protest groups mostly consist of young adults with a degree from some leftist university, such as the University of Utrecht or the Faculty of Humanities in Amsterdam.

But even though they often have a degree, protesters themselves actually don’t know what they are protesting against. Usually their reasoning is as follows: “I am anti-hate, anti-sexism and anti-racism”. Strangely, they are unable to explain what these things even mean.

Especially their complete lack of knowledge about Islam is striking. It is intellectually impossible to scream “Stop hate!” at the native Dutch population while cooperating with radical Islamists. It is also intellectually impossible to yell “Stop sexism!” while cooperating with Muslims of whom the women are wearing Islamic headscarves. What is the number 1 ideology on the entire planet that oppresses women? It’s Islam!

So, this is the current state of affairs in the Netherlands. To solve a problem, awareness is the first step!


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  1. Great article and video, even though it’s distressing to face the reality of what we’re up against if we want to save Western Civilization.

  2. Nothing seems to make sense any mmore. I am of the sexual revolution generation and this pro-Muslim crap is extremely sad

  3. Hallo Paul, ik heb je boek besteld. Ik zag het artikel van Paul Cliteur. Mooi initiatief heb je opgezet. Hopelijk zal het boek helpen om eindelijk Nederland weer Nederland te maken. Groetjes, Rien

  4. Wat een geweldig initiatief!! Het werd echt tijd dat er iets gebeurd.

    Groetjes uit Lissen. Ik heb je boek besteld bij amazon.

  5. Ik vrees dat je gelijk hebt! Mijn dochters studeren ook aan dergelijke universiteiten. Ik ben bang voor het ergste

    Ik ben bij hoofdstuk 5 😉

  6. The more I think about this, the more I suspect all this is crafted. As if it has been carefully planned over time and we’re currently experiencing the results: a dumbed down society and mass migration. Paul, if you want to know what academia used to be like, check out Camile Paglia back in the 90s. Cheers

  7. And when they have lost everything….. and their children are slaves under Shariah they will still blame the Nationalists.

  8. Paul, you are absolutely right about these people being idiots but it’s not the WHOLE generation and it’s not ONLY this generation. Their way is cleared by a small percentage people in responsible positions like teachers and politicians who are relentlessly exploiting their open minded colleages. Some of them rose from communist indoctrination of past decades and still keep the stuff that’s been preached in the 60’s and 70’s. I’m born in 55 and watched this as a teen. Ideas of protecting weak people against the establishment still go around in my own head and I think they are not completely wrong. But what makes this movement so dangererous is the fact that the combined forces of small parts of two generations slowly makes the weak become aggressors who still believe to be victims and therefore have the right to shout down and push away anyone with different opinions without even reasoning. “You are wrong because I feel this way or simply say so”. It’s very hard if not impossible to break into their brainwashed phalanx by using arguments because they only listen to their own tribe.
    And then there is another group calling itself a “minority which has to be defended” though they count 1.6 billion worldwide and those idiots are played by them. I don’t speak of people from the middle east who came to Europe for jobs that really existed back then. Almost everyone of them has integrated really well. I speak of the fact that they passed their faith on to the next generation which, in lack of jobs and perspective, lately began to rediscover the side of islam that gives them superiority above all non-believers, well, in their own minds. But the main players in this game are still sitting in the middle east, pushing orthodox islamic education in western mosques, trying to reach and finally reaching parliaments, courts, nurseries and schools. This is all possible because our technology and maybe the whole civilization relies on a material they posess and that made them incredibly rich: Oil. But this is only the instrument they use. The real reason for all that is the expansionist and arrogant nature of their faith, combined with envy and distrust. Our shrieking adult children are by far not that dangerous.

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