The link between Islam and the behaviour of Turkey’s Recep Erdogan


In 2010, Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders called Erdogan a “total freak”, which was a big scandal. Dutch Prime-Minister Peter-Jan Balkenende even went to visit mister Erdogan in Turkey to apologise for Wilder’s statement. What they didn’t realise is that Wilders actually was able to identify that mister Erdogan is an Islamist. Wilders was able to do so, because he understands Islam.

Islam is not a religion, like Christianity and Judaism. Islam is BOTH a religious and a political ideology. Westerners often think that these two sides of Islam can somehow be conceptualised and separated. Therefore, Westerners often make a distinction between Islam and political Islam, or between Islam and Islamism. In the West, we like to cut things in pieces and identify separate “-isms” (Humanism, Jainism, Communism, Catholicism, Jihadism, etc.). This Western way of conceptualising is not possible when it comes to Islam. Islam is Islam. Islam is both religious and political.

Adopting this way of looking at Islam will actually HELP you to understand Islam better. It will also allow you to better understand things that Muslims do. Understanding Islam gives you a perspective into the collective psyche of Muslims, as well as the behaviour of Muslims who are politically active. Turkey’s Recep Tayyip Erdogan is an example of such a figure.

So, what does Erdogan’s current behaviour have to do with Islam? Here is a list of the link between Islam and the behaviour of mister Erdogan.

1. Muslims should not take non-believers are close friends

In Islam, Muslims shouldn’t take nonbelievers as close friends. Therefore, the friendship with nonbelievers is worthless. Germany, The Netherlands and Austria are examples of countries of nonbelievers. Therefore, Erdogan doesn’t value the friendship that Turkey has with these countries and started to repeatedly insult them. He doesn’t care, because friendships with nonbelievers don’t have value according to Islam.

2. Islamic Deception: Taqiyya

However, relationships with nonbelievers can be useful if these friendships can be utilised to contribute to the highest goal of Islam, which is the Jihad, the spread of Islam. Islamist organisations in Europe can operate more easily if the relationship between Turkey and Europe is pleasant. However, such relationships with nonbelievers are only of a temporary nature. Erdogan implemented Taqiyya when Merkel used the word “Islamist terrorism” to describe the Christmas attack in Berlin, Erdogan replied by saying: “This expression ‘Islamist terror’ seriously saddens us Muslims” and “Such an expression is not correct because Islam and terror cannot be associated. The meaning of Islam is peace. Please let’s not use it. As long as it is used we need to stand against it. As a Muslim president personally I cannot accept that.” Erdogan implemented Taqiyya in the face of the nonbeliever. This behaviour can be traced back all the way to Muhammad himself, as he, and his Muslims, on multiple occasions lied in the face of the nonbelievers to create a window of opportunity in which they could strike.

3. The highest purpose of Islam: Jihad

Erdogan has mentioned that there will be “Holy Wars” in Europe. “Holy Wars” is a term that combines the words ‘Holy’ and ‘War’, of which the first is a religious word and the second is a political word. Holy Wars are related to the Jihad, which is the spread of Islam. The female womb has also been used throughout history as a means for the purpose of Jihad. Therefore, Erdogan also recommended Turkish Muslims in Europe to have at least 5 children. “You are the future of Europe!”, he said to the Turks in Europe, “Take at least 5 children!”

4. Islam is a superior political system

According to Islam, Islam itself is the best system by which a society can possibly be ruled. All other systems are man-made and therefore inferior. Erdogan stated “Democracy is like a train: when you reach your destination, you get off”. Muslims are only allowed to participate in man-made political systems, as long as it contributes to the higher goal of Jihad. The political aspect of Islam is also totalitarian. Therefore, Erdogan got rid of the judicial power, as he arrested the Turkish judges. “You cannot be both secular and a Muslim! You will either be a Muslim, or secular! When both are together, they create reverse magnetism. For them to exist together is not a possibility!, he said, “Therefore, it is not possible for a person who says “I am a Muslim” to go on and say “I am secular, too.” And why is that? Because Allah, the creator of the Muslim, has absolute power and rule!”

5. Inability to deal with criticism and mockery

Just like all Islamist leaders and entire populations of Muslims, Erdogan doesn’t like criticism and mockery. The inability to deal with criticism can be traced back all the way to the behaviour of Muhammad himself, who ordered his men to execute a 14-year old girl for having written songs about him. Erdogan arrested and deported political competitors, intellectuals and even journalists who don’t agree with him. Even when a foreign comedian, Jan Böhmermann, made a funny video about him, he demanded that Germany prosecutes this comedian for insulting him.

6. His supporters

Because Erdogan is an Islamist, which is both a political and a religious role, his supporters in Turkey as well as Europe, often yell “Allahu Akbar” during protests and rallies, and occasionally make the sign of the Muslim Brotherhood with their hands. This is because in Islam, politics and religion are the same.

In addition, Turkish Muslim Organisations, such as the Turkish Islamic Union for Religious Affairs in Germany, combine a political and a religious role. This organisation maintains connections with the German government, in order to lobby for Turkish Muslim interests; as well as with 900 mosques in Germany; and other Islamist organisations such as Diyanet, which is responsible for spreading Islamic propaganda in Europe. Muslim organisations are per definition Islamic organisations and therefore have both a religious and a political role.

What will Recep Tayyip Erdogan do next?

The most fun aspect of understanding Islam is that it allows you to be able to predict the behaviour of Islamists as well as populations of Muslims. Right now, Erdogan is the gatekeeper of Europe and is making sure that hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants cannot enter Europe. However, such a deal can only exist temporarily. At some point, Erdogan is likely to open the gates and flood Europe with the next horde of Muslim. Erdogan is an Islamists. The highest purpose of Islam is the Jihad. Flooding the land of the nonbeliever with Muslims is a very effective way to spread Islam. He will therefore end up doing exactly this.

Let’s hope the Europeans will be able to think outside of the box and realise that a fence at the border between Bulgaria and Turkey, and some kind of sea-fence between Turkey and Greece is also a way to close the gates to Europe.

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11 thoughts on “The link between Islam and the behaviour of Turkey’s Recep Erdogan”

  1. Interesting. It’s sad how detached we have become from reality. Most people would call me a fascist or something if I would try to explain to them that Islam is not like Westerners. The world changed too fast and Islam didn’t catch up with the rest. They are still thinking and talking like it’s still the Middle Ages LOL. Perhaps the wall in Bulgaria isn’t a bad idea actually lol..

  2. A voice of reason you are. People think that Erdogan is just some looney dictator and that the Turks in Germany are just blindly following their own group behaviour. It is quite clear that Islam is the driver of all this. EU is blindfolded as long as their refuse to see the truth.

  3. Point 6 is not the behavior of Erdogan, but the behavior of his fans ;P

    On a serious note: the same is happening in France too. They are already getting hammered by rioting Muslims in general, but among these riots there are also Turkish Erdogan-reltated riots.


  4. Hi Paul, I was wondering if you agree with me that Eastern Europe will lead Europe culturally in the future? Western Europe is dying out due to migration and political correctness (or the double standard/immune disease you mention in your other video). Eastern Europeans don’t buy both of these and are actually defending their Jewish-Christian heritage. Perhaps Easter Europe will become a cultural anchor for Western Europe at some point.

    • Hi,

      Well, I don’t think Eastern European countries are all the same. In Bulgaria, I believe there are new ethnic conflicts bubbling under the surface and in Moldova, I believe the majority of the population is nostalgic about the ‘good old’ days of the Soviet Union.

      I agree that Central European countries, such as Hungary and Czech Republic and Eastern European countries in general are not under the influence of the religion of Political Correctness, which enables them to recognise the obvious when it comes to Muslim migration and the threat that it poses to our long term survival. People like Viktor Orban are demonised by the majority of the Western- and Northern European population, but are actually on the right side of history.

      However, trying to predict the exact cultural influence that these countries have on Western- and Northern Europe is extremely hard if not impossible.

      It is an interesting point, though. About a year ago, I had the opportunity to speak in front of an international group of people about the Islamisation of the West and the effects of migration, etc. Some of the people in the room were from Eastern Europe, I believe Romania and another country, and then there were some younger people from Germany and some people from California (USA). It was a difference like day and night: the Eastern Europeans were able to understand the argumentation of my talk and asked good logical questions after it; and the Germans and the Californians were unable to even recognise the most simple reasoning, and one of the Californians asked me the question “are you a racist?” after my talk.

      I also found it interesting how the Germans and the Americans stuck together after the talk, trying to surround themselves with like-minded individuals and to further strengthen their dogmatic worldview.

      Eastern Europeans simply haven’t been indoctrinated with Political Correctness and are therefore able to engage in reason and freethinking on these issues.
      I think I will make a blogpost and a video about it soon. Thanks! : )

      • haha awesome. Orban is one of the few leaders of Europe with a sane mind. The experience you describe sounds familiar. I have spend quite some time wandering through Europe and I fully agree. In the West, they have lost their minds and are indeed unable to understand the most simple logic, as you said, and in the East and Centre (except Germany), they have kept their sanity.

  5. It’s hilarious how everyone tries to frame Geert Wilders and his companions in other countries as if they are stupid, dumb, etc. Turns out that Erdo is indeed a total freak and that the Quran is his manual.

  6. Sickening… One moment, he says that Muslims should make more children and is calling for holy wars in Europe and the other moment he deceives Germany’s counceler like Muhammad deceived the Jews of Medina.
    I wonder if the European leader really don’t notice the mixed signals this dictator is giving them or that they just act as if they don’t notice towards their own citizens.

  7. European leaders are the most unworthy leaders in all of European history, hands down. Hiring the devil to play gatekeeper

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