The Truth About Islamic Headscarves


The non-Western, anti-women idea that women would be “dirty and inferior” is constantly being value signalled into the public sphere of Western countries. This is a problem.


10 thoughts on “The Truth About Islamic Headscarves”

  1. Absolutely. Right.
    Islam is cultural decay for the West. By being tolerant towards the moral and cultural destruction of our corner of the world we are digging our own graves in the long run

  2. Thanks for this video and the book… I bought it… It is in the air… the need for change… it can be felt all over Europe… more people are waking up every day…

  3. I wish more people would think like this. It is like a fresh wind of common sense. Damnwhat historical times we’re living in. I just saw this German propaganda video for more tolerance. People have the brainsize of a peanut or something. Damn

  4. Almost finished reading the book. How long did it take you to do all the research? It has everything. I think this book is going to play a large role the coming years.

    • Hope you liked it!

      I wrote the First Edition of the book throughout a period of one year, but I’ve basically been doing the research for around 10 years. I’ve read everything that’s out there.


  5. This vlog post gives a sick perspective on how far the West has fallen already. Islamic symbolism is like a giant middle finger to our values and history.

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