Why the West desperately needs a new Enlightenment

Why the West desperately needs a new Enlightenment


We are now living in the year 2017 and we can conclude that history has repeated itself. Don’t worry; this isn’t another poor attempt to compare the return of European patriotism to the Second Wold War.

History has repeated itself, because the Europeans are, again, indoctrinated and unable to engage in freethinking. Does this mean that Christian theocracy and dogma has somehow returned? Not at all. This time, it’s a different kind of dogma. It’s political correctness, multiculturalism, the holiness of the EU and the constant demonisation of anyone who dares to go against the politically correct narrative.

Western dogma of the 21st century includes, but is not limited to the following examples:

“It is very important that we are multicultural”, “Diversity brings us a lot of prosperity and happiness”, “Non-Western cultures are just as good as Western culture”, “The EU is very important to prevent war”, “Further European integration is necessary”, “Patriotism is very dangerous”, etc.

Anyone who dares to go against any of these statements is demonised and labelled as “racists”, “bigots”, “xenophobes”, “populists”, etc.

I argue that we are currently at an absolute low point in Western culture and intellect. It is a scandal.

The Enlightenment was a hard fought battle
We should never forget that the Enlightenment was a hard fought battle. People often say: “…and then Europe went through the Enlightenment”, when talking about history. This way of talking about the Enlightenment indicates that people think it was an easy and smooth process that Europe “went through”. It wasn’t. The Catholic Church did everything it could to fight against it and the masses were still under the collective influence of Christian dogma.

The Roman Catholic Church always suppressed freethinking and reason. During the Enlightenment, this suppression was slowly removed as a result of constant criticising, mocking and satirising by important writers such as Voltaire (François-Marie Arouet), Jean Jacques Rousseau, Immanuel Kant, John Locke, and Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, who championed concepts like individual freedom, individual rights, secularism, utility and reason.

When the Europeans fight, the results are disastrous; when the Europeans work together, the results can change the world for the better. The Enlightenment was a time in which intellectuals from different European cultures together created the probably best and most productive movement of all of human history. Empiricism, Western thinking, science, and Western medicine were created from this period onward. The world wouldn’t have had electricity, car, planes, and the internet without the Enlightenment.

The human mind is at its best when it is unrestrained by dogma. Dogma clouds the human mind and leads to stagnation and the wrong decisions. We could also see this in the Byzantine Empire, which had the great technological foundation from the ancient Greeks, but wasn’t capable of making further progress as a result of the Christian dogma that the mind of its population was clouded with. A population that is indoctrinated with an ideology and incapable of engaging in freethinking will not be able to make progress.

Forbidden Questions
The fact that, now, in the 21st century, we are back at the bottom, becomes painfully obvious when asking the average politically correct Westerner the following question:

“Why is a multicultural society better than a monocultural society?”.

Throughout all of human history, this question has NEVER been provided with a satisfying answer. Not even a single political leader in your country, is able to answer this question, not even the people who are working in the think tanks of the Socialist party and the Green party. The answer that you will get when asking this question is based on dogma instead of rationality. “Because it is very important!”, they claim, after which they will accuse you of being a “xenophobe” for even asking such a question.

The same applies to the following questions:
“Why are non-Western cultures just as good as Western culture?”
“Why is the EU necessary for cooperation?”
“Why is patriotism dangerous?”

In reality, individuals who defend multiculturalism and the EU and oppose any form of national identity should be able to produce a perfectly rational argument to defend their opinion. But they can’t. Their worldview is based on dogma rather than intellect.

A new Enlightenment
History has repeated itself and the West has again become a regime of dogma and ideology. Therefore, the West is in desperate need on a new Enlightenment, to fight back against it and to set our minds free once again.


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  1. The globalists, like Soros and the EU have crowned themselves as the new theocrats: the new roman catholic church. You are right about the west being in urgent need of a new enlightenment. Great Britain and France used to lead the world intellectually. Now they have messed up their territory with Muslim zones and are constantly nudging natives to look the other way. It’s sickening.

  2. “Why is a multicultural society better than a monocultural society?”

    I had to laugh hard when I read this. You’re right. This question is not ever answered.

  3. Nice article. I have bookmarked your website. Are you also familiar with the work of Reza Aslan and Tariq Ramadan? Just wondering….

  4. “Why is a multicultural society better than a monocultural society?”

    This question makes lefties running away like crying babies

  5. Canadians have to live with blaspemy laws since last week. It’s a shame.
    I’m ok with not being unnecessarily offensive to people, but freedom of expression is more important than that. The Trudeau government is the worst that ever happened to Canada.

  6. I accidently discovered this article and website. Looks great! We need more people who speak the truth intelligently. It´s often as if we´re all surrounded by people who just can´t think outside of the box proved by the establishment. Is the book also available in physical form? I don’t have an e-reader.

    • Thanks! 🙂

      A physical version will be available within one or two weeks. I am currently working on the Second Edition of the book, which will also be released in physical form.


  7. Great article. I’m currently halfway through your book. Some of the subchapters should be mandatory reading material for young children.

  8. I discovered your work yesterday… Good to know that there are still people in Europa who keep pushing back against the left and their Mohamedan friends. I find myself agreeing with all of your articles and videos.

  9. Finished chapter 5… I think this book is going to be an important one… Amazing website, YouTube channel and book.

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