Why Islamic headscarves have no place in the West


Why Islamic Headscarves have no place in the West 

In some countries, they are having a debate about whether or not to ban the Burqa. I argue that this discussion should be held about ALL Islamic headscarves, not just the Burqa.

A woman wearing an Islamic headscarf is not quite the same as a woman wearing any other type of garment. This is because the Islamic headscarf isn’t just a normal type of clothing. It is actually a political symbol.

Islam is not just a religion, it is also a political doctrine. In Islam, there is no secularism. This is an important aspect of what makes the situation regarding Islam in Western countries so complicated and dysfunctional. Islam is both a religious doctrine and a political doctrine and these two cannot be separated from one another. Therefore, Islamic symbolism and expressions, such as a minaret, a call to prayer and an Islamic headscarf are actually political expressions.

What is a political symbol?

A political symbol is a symbol that stands for a certain political idea. By publicly wearing a political symbol, the idea that this symbol represents is then expressed into the public sphere. Let’s take some other types of clothing that are also political symbols as a point of comparison.

The KKK outfit is a political symbol that stands for the idea that black people shouldn’t be treated equally to white people, because they are inferior to white people (according to the KKK).

Imagine a person walking through London in a KKK outfit. Would this be accepted? No, it won’t! The person wearing this outfit is likely to receive tons of criticism and to get arrested by the police.

Another political symbol is the Nazi Swastika. It stands for the idea that the so-called ‘Aryan race’ is superior to other races and that Jews and certain other ethnic groups are a problem (Jews are seen as an ethnic group in the book Mein Kampf). So just like is the case for the KKK outfit, walking around with a Nazi Swastika on your clothes, WILL get you criticised and arrested by the police. This is because expressing the political idea that the Nazi Swastika stands for, has no place in a Western society. 

The idea behind the Islamic headscarf

Just like the KKK outfit and the Nazi Swastika, the Islamic headscarf is a symbol that stands for a certain political idea. This is the idea that women are dirty and inferior and should cover up their hair in order to prevent men from getting horny. The sexuality of a woman is seen as bad, dirty and ‘evil’.

It is hard to digest the extremely negative view that Islam has towards women. This can’t only be seen in some of the highly disturbing chapters inthe Hadith, but also in a content analysis of Islamic literature

A very important aspect of Islam is how it treats 50% of its population. Islamic literature is generally more concerned about the non-Muslim than about the Muslim woman. Of all the verses that are about women; in 5.3% of them, women are held to a high esteem; in 23% of them, women are described as ‘equal’ (in the sense that they are not demonised); and in 71% of them, women are held to a low esteem. In the 5.3% of the verses in which women are held to a high esteem, the woman plays the role of a mother; and in the 23% in which women are ‘equal’, they are not demonised, but judged on the degree to which she obeys her husband. Of the amount of the Hadith that is about women; in 0.13% of the text they are held in high esteem, in 93% of the text, they are held to a low esteem and in the remaining 7.1%, they are held to an equal esteem. (Center for the Study of Political Islam)

(From: How to Debate the Left on Islam)

A woman wearing an Islamic headscarf is similar to a Jew carrying a Nazi Swastika or a black person walking around in a KKK outfit. Do you think this is an exaggeration? Think again!

But can’t women wear whatever they want?

 The arguments brought up by both the left and Muslims is usually as follows: “What a woman wears is a woman’s choice! In a free society, a woman can choose herself what she wears! How care you think it is any of your business what a woman wears!”

Of course, this is true. Women (and men) can choose themselves what they wear. However, this is not the case for political symbols that stand for extremely dangerous political ideas.

I don’t think the left and Muslims would argue that this lady wearing a Nazi Swastika t-shirt can also wear whatever she wants. Even though this is a young woman in a Western country where men and women are equal, she still can’t walk around wearing this t-shirt. This is a good thing, because in the West we don’t want to see Nazi Swastikas in our public sphere. 

Comparing the Muslim world with Nazi Germany

Just like Nazi Germany was the empire where the political idea of Nazism was implemented, the Muslim world is the part of the world where the political idea that the Islamic headscarf stands for is implemented. So, how are women treated in these countries? Women in Muslim countries are in the best case just treated with disrespect and in the worst case continuously abused.

The thing is that in Muslim countries, women are treated in a manner that is consistent with the political idea that the headscarf stands for, similar to how Jews in Nazi Germany were treated in a manner that was consistent with the political idea that the Nazi Swastika stands for. Pretty logical isn’t it?


Just like other political symbolism representing horrible ideas, the Islamic headscarf has no place in a Western countries. Many of our forefathers sacrificed their lives so that we can live in a Western world in which Jews are unharmed, blacks are equal to whites, and women are equal to men. It is our responsibility to keep it like this. Otherwise, our forefathers died for nothing. Islamic headscarves have absolutely no place in the public sphere of a Western country.

Paul Nielsen

Watch this analysis of the little debate between UKIP's Liz Jones and defender of Islam Sahar al Faifi


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  1. Absolutely agree,Paul.
    It is a cruel offence foisted upon us against our wills just as the Jews were humiliated, degraded and publicly ostracized by beforced to wear a yellow star.
    This impacts on every sphere of our existence –public and private.
    It is a public space offence as well that is designed to INCITE a certain reaction.
    Public space information and laws can be found at Council.
    We cannot walk around with the Australian flag wrapped around us.
    Islamic wear is NOT ACCEPTABLE in the West.

  2. I always knew there was something wrong with niqabs, buqras and so on. It was a feeling…
    This post puts into words what I have intuitively felt for quite some time. Cheers

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